Today there was a march in New Orleans as part of the global day of protest against the war in Iraq. It’s been two years since the United States invaded. Over 1,500 US soldiers are dead and countless civilians — maybe as many as 100,000. It’s time for this madness to end. So we marched […]

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My friend Jason Neville put this together from data collected at and CNN. He couldn’t find a vote total for Peroutka, but I found a number on the candidate’s website. I thought it put an interesting perspective on the 2004 presidential race. Candidate Votes Money Raised Votes-Per-Dollar Cobb 104,087 $133,576 0.78 Badnarik 373,729 $841,498 […]

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Today our local news daily, the Times-Picayune, weighed in on the presidential race. They are endorsing… nobody. …we cannot recommend either George W. Bush or John Kerry with confidence…. We take the endorsement process seriously and would like to be able to offer voters our advice in this race, as we have in so many […]

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Man, I thought the political rhetoric was pretty shrill this season, but last night I got an earful of some conservative AM radio that made my toes curl. This dude called the Democrats “vermin” and said the choice was between “Bush or death.” He also said the American people “fear” Teresa Heinz Kerry. I was […]

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If I was in this town hall debate tonight and I got to put a question to Kerry, this is what I’d ask: Back when we were gearing up for the invasion of Iraq, and the drums of war were beating, I and just about everyone I knew could plainly see the whole thing was […]

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I guess I will listen to Kerry’s speech tonight. I haven’t really checked him out. There are a number of things he could say to win my vote. If he denounces the war in Iraq and pledges to bring our troops home immediately, I’ll vote for him. If he denounces the Patriot Act and pledges […]

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So it looks like gasoline is shaping up to be a big campaign issue. Bush has attacked Kerry for supporting a 50-cent gas tax years ago, even though he never actually voted for it. The Bush campaign is scaremongering, plain and simple. Kerry, far from supporting a gas tax, has been attacking Bush for the […]

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