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Big Campaign Issue

So it looks like gasoline is shaping up to be a big campaign issue.

Bush has attacked Kerry for supporting a 50-cent gas tax years ago, even though he never actually voted for it. The Bush campaign is scaremongering, plain and simple.

Kerry, far from supporting a gas tax, has been attacking Bush for the current high price of gasoline. He promises us more foreign oil at cheaper prices. How disappointing.

Both candidates are pursuing strategies they know will get a positive response. Americans love to drive, and we especially love to drive big SUVs that burn gasoline like there’s no tomorrow. Few things seem to disturb us more than high prices at the gas pump.

It would be nice if our leaders actually showed some leadership and talked about how we could really stick it to OPEC: by simply reducing our consumption.

Of course, Americans wouldn’t like that. We don’t want to deal with reality, we just want to watch reality television.

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