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Today our local news daily, the Times-Picayune, weighed in on the presidential race. They are endorsing… nobody.

…we cannot recommend either George W. Bush or John Kerry with confidence….

We take the endorsement process seriously and would like to be able to offer voters our advice in this race, as we have in so many others. But we have too many misgivings about both candidates to champion either one.

They don’t mention any other candidates. Not even in passing.

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  1. polly polly

    bart–can one vote yet in nawlins? on 10/22, i found out that here in e-ville, you can already vote just by going downtown to the civic center and going to the office. this was news to me. i had heard about early voting in fl, but i thought it was an anomaly. i wish more people knew about this or maybe i’m just the last to figure this sounds even simpler than absentee ballots.your little fan since 1988–P.

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