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How I’m Voting

I’m deeply conflicted about electoral politics. I participate, and I vote, but I’m skeptical of the whole process, and it frustrates me.

I’m edumacated. I’ve studied up on tomorrow’s election. But I can’t say I’ve got any confidence in the decisions I will be making in the booth.

And if it’s hard for me, who enjoys so many advantages, how hard is it for someone who is under the heel of poverty or displaced from the only home they’ve ever known? What about someone who is functionally illiterate? The harsh fact is that’s where a lot of New Orleanians are at. They should be able to have a voice in this election too.

It is a charade. And yet I get caught up in it.

I got a sample ballot from the Louisiana Secretary of State. I’m in the 4th Ward, Precinct 5. Here’s how I plan to vote. This is not an endorsement of any of these candidates! I just thought it would be interesting to record.

Civil Sheriff
Kevin J. Gremillion, No Party, Ballot # 1

Criminal Sheriff
Gerald DeSalvo, Democrat, Ballot # 4

Clerk, Civil District Court

Clerk, Criminal District Court
Paul Mirarchi Massa, Green, Ballot # 15

Assessor, 2nd Municipal District
Jackie Shreves, Other, Ballot # 26

Mayor, City of New Orleans
Virginia Boulet, Democrat, Ballot # 50

Councilmember(s) at Large
Carlos J. Hornbrook, Democrat, Ballot # 77
David Lapin, Democrat, Ballot # 78

Councilmember, District B
Marshall Truehill, Jr., Democrat, Ballot # 96

And there you have it. Tough choices that instill neither confidence nor pride. Maybe this is democracy, but I’m sure we could do it better. This process seems broken.

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  1. I was looking at Gerald DeSalvo’s website and he is clearly a Republican (or at least endorsed by them), and of a very military bent. I am abstaining in that one. Also, I have had to visit the Civil Clerk’s office many times for work and I think it is one of the better-run public facilities in New Orleans, so I am voting for the current clerk, Dale Atkins. Let’s just hope we don’t end up with the same bunch of crooks!

  2. Garvey Garvey

    I guess I don’t understand what the sheriff does that would somehow make it matters that someone might be a Democrat, “endorsed by Rebublicans and of a miltary bent.” Unless, of course, you simply disagree with the things they believe which they cannot control anyway, and that’s enough of a dealbreaker. Or do sherriffs in LA have the power to sign laws, start a military draft, impose taxes, etc.?

  3. It’s over now and Gusman won, but my point about dem vs. rep is that he misrepresented himself, and the military bent is xplained on his website. He wants the jail modeled after the Marines. He just seemed more suited to Gitmo than OPP, IMO.

  4. I have every reason to believe DeSalvo would have been a terrible sheriff, but I voted for him because Gusman is a terrible sheriff with a track record.

    I do believe the criminal sheriff here has more powers than one might expect. He runs a huge prison, and I’ve even heard talk that he might have some kind of special authority in an emergency situation — like Hurricane Katrina.

  5. Hey, I was just googling myself and saw your site and that you voted for me. Just wanted to say thanks for the support. Even though I lost I still felt a bit of satisfaction with receiving over 11,000 votes.

    Thanks again,


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