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The qualifying period is over, and the field is jam-packed. Two dozen candidates for mayor alone!

I’m sorry to say that no one is running as a Green. Les Evenchick is running for City Council At-Large, but his party affiliation is listed as “no party,” which is probably accurate since I think he quit the Greens a few years back to start his own party.

This is something of a disappointment. The Green Party of Louisiana just achieved official party status in this state last summer. We were gearing up to run a Green slate of candidates for all the City Council posts. I was even tentatively planning to run for my district. “Editor B for District B.” Fellow running mates might have included Leenie Halbert, Malik Rahim and John Clark.

Post-Katrina, I didn’t feel up to it, and I guess none of my fellow Greens did either. I’d heard Malik was running for mayor, but according to today’s paper, he’s not.

At least the Libertarians aren’t fielding any candidates either. That would have been embarrassing.

Nope, it’s mostly Democrats, a smattering of Republicans, and a surprising number of Independents and “no party” people. (What’s the difference, I wonder?)

I notice Manny “Chevrolet” Bruno is running for mayor again. He got my vote last time. I didn’t know anything about him except I heard he was a “barstool philospher.” It was a protest vote, the closest thing to “none of the above” which I could find on the ballot.

I sure hope I don’t have to vote for Manny again this time. There’s so much at stake.

As for Kimberly Williamson Butler… Her candidacy would have amused me in the past, but post-Katrina, it’s just embarrassing.

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  1. It’s too late now. The qualifying period ended yesterday. I thought about throwing my hat in the ring, but I never knuckled down and figured it out, and now it’s too late. I guess that means I didn’t have the burning desire that’s necessary if you want to campaign in the floodzone. I am far from confident that I’d be a good councilman in the new New Orleans. Besides, what I’d been contemplating last summer was not a solo run, but the idea of being part of a slate, and that wasn’t happening.

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