Sitting thru my employer’s mandatory benefits workshop reconfirmed my belief that health insurance is institutionalized insanity. There must be a better way. I’ve never liked the concept of health insurance. It seems wrong to me at the very core. It feels like a perverse form of gambling. You’re putting down all this money against the […]

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Humana P.O. Box 14546 Lexington KY 40512-4610 Sept. 2, 2009 Dear Humana, I recently took my daughter to a doctor in our neighborhood. I took special care to make sure this doctor was a “participating provider,” because I know how important that is to you. (I made the mistake of going to a “non participating […]

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Got my first-ever flu shot yesterday. At least I think it was my first ever. I don’t remember getting them as a kid. When I was at the doctor’s office, I noticed he’s dropping my insurer. If I want to stay with him, I need to get health insurance through another provider. Of course, I […]

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I tremble in abject fear every time we get a letter from our insurer. So many people have been screwed by these insurance companies. We’ve done well by our local agent (Dan Burghardt), but I get the feeling the big companies that actually provide our flood and homeowners’ insurance (Fidelity and Lexington, respectively) would like […]

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So our mortgage company is holding the insurance money for renovating our house. They cut a check months ago when our contractor first submitted a bid, for one-third of the estimated total. A couple months ago they sent an inspector along to confirm that work has been underway. They cut another check for the next […]

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I recently got an update to our homeowner’s policy. It’s something like a hundred pages long. Past updates were only a few pages. I’m supposed to wade through all this legalese? I’d have to hire a lawyer just to find out how badly we’re getting screwed. A quick glance reveals there’s a “trampoline exclusion” and […]

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A check arrived from our insurer via FedEx today in the amount of $3,000. It says, right on the check, that it’s “partial settlement of contents damage arising from loss on 08/29/05.” The date issued, again printed right on the check itself, is October 18th. Note that it is now November 25th. All of this […]

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A fire broke out at the local A&P yesterday, and the store was still closed today. So I went to the Sav-A-Center on Tchoupitoulas to buy ingredients for curried tomato bisque. Wow. All registers were open, yet the lines were so long that they extened into the grocery ailses. The wait was so long I […]

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Just got a call from Mr. McCann, the adjuster for our homeowner’s policy. I call him “the wind guy” because he’s covering the damage to our home caused by Katrina’s winds. Flood is covered under a separate policy with a separate adjuster. Anyway, the wind guy says we’ll be getting $8,688 plus tax and some […]

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My mother-in-law is faxing the following claim to our insurance adjuster for the contents of our house which were ruined by floodwaters. I estimate our losses at $43,000. We were insured for $25,000, with a $1,000 deductible, so I’m expecting a full payout. Utility Room: $13,000 Washer, dryer, bicycles, power tools, desk, magazine rack, Sunsetter […]

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We’re dealing with two insurance adjusters — one for flood damage, and one for wind damage. It’s not the most convenient arrangement, but I’m not complaining. At least our insurance company (Fidelity) has been fairly responsive. Some friends have been unable to contact anyone even after calling their insurance company every day for a month. […]

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Just met with Roland Graybill, the adjuster for our flood claim, a lean, long-haired Southern dude. Affable. He took some measurements and some photos and some notes. I learned that the insurance will not be “paying limits” as previously intimated. Instead we’ll get some lesser amount which Mr. Graybill seemed to think would be enough […]

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