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Contents Claim

My mother-in-law is faxing the following claim to our insurance adjuster for the contents of our house which were ruined by floodwaters. I estimate our losses at $43,000. We were insured for $25,000, with a $1,000 deductible, so I’m expecting a full payout.

Utility Room: $13,000
Washer, dryer, bicycles, power tools, desk, magazine rack, Sunsetter awning, wall furnace, whole-house fan, water heater, table, chest of drawers, clothing, VCR, vacuum cleaner, word processor, La-Z-Boy, books, luggage, camping gear, sports equipment and games…
Bath: $5,000
Toilet, bathtub/shower, cabinet, health and grooming supplies, towels…
Den: $15,000
Television, computer, monitor, printer, scanner, desk, sofa bed, chairs, ottoman, coffee table, VCR, DVD player, stereo system, turntable, AC/heater, vintage fan, video camera, shelves, books, videotapes, DVDs…
Craft Room: $10,000
Cabinets, sink, refrigerator, dehumidifier, liquor, craft supplies, teaching materials, futon with frame, desk, shelves, books…
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  1. Carol Gstohl Carol Gstohl

    Attached cabinets and bathroom fixtures should be covered under property, not contents. Contents should only include things you could have carried out. Good luck with everything!

  2. The wall furnace, whole-house furnace and water heater would probably not be contents. I’m just guessing here. Never owned property myself. I do help manage a non-profit with property, and these are the kinds of expenses that we consider capital investments rather than money spent out of the budget. I’m guessing that insurance would classify contents in a similar manner.

  3. lemming lemming

    (mind blows a fuse)

    Never thought before about what it wuld cost to replace all of these items. Saw $43000 and thought, “wha?” read list – all quite reasonable. As I keep saying, thanks so much – reading what one household goes through makes the enormity of the tragedy easier to understand.

    Promise to kiss my dryer for you.

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