Today I led a discussion centered around the topic of our passions and desires. “By what star do we navigate our journey on the earth? What we love will shape our days and provide the texture of our inner and outer life. How can we plant what we love in the garden of this life?” […]

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I really need to get on top of this stuff before the list gets any longer. We’ve been living in our new house for almost three-quarters of a year now, and so far we’ve done very little. Of course that was the appeal of the place: a complete renovation. But every house needs upkeep and […]

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This is the third installment of three sample documents dredged up from my old Brother WP-500 disks. I really have no idea what this is. Perhaps it had something to do with the Have Fun Club? That would place it circa 1992. I have no recollection of typing it, which is what makes rediscovering it […]

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Xy wanted to give some trinkets to the neighbor kids this holiday season, so she had one of the girls compile a list. Tomanique Shawn’ae Shawniah Shawnique Jurr’ieon Jurr’eall Melqueisha Amy Tyesha Joshua Zykeith La Aarea Keira Lamar Justin Cheveniqua Ages range from one to fifteen, and three-quarters of the kids are girls. I was […]

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A brief recap of the past week: Monday night I attended our weekly grassroots neighborhood planning meeting. Tuesday night I attended the monthly board meeting for a nonprofit group I’ve been working with. Wednesday night I attended a meeting to revise bylaws of our neighborhood organization. Thursday night I thought I’d catch a break, but […]

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Today was a good day. Our garbage was picked up. Our mail was delivered. The electricity only went out once, and only for a brief while. Water pressure in the building where I work increased slightly, so we can now flush the urinal in the men’s room, if you pull on the handle for a […]

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My mother-in-law is faxing the following claim to our insurance adjuster for the contents of our house which were ruined by floodwaters. I estimate our losses at $43,000. We were insured for $25,000, with a $1,000 deductible, so I’m expecting a full payout. Utility Room: $13,000 Washer, dryer, bicycles, power tools, desk, magazine rack, Sunsetter […]

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Been surfing the internet all day… Don’t know what to say… Except… Real Reports of Katrina Relief New Orleans Independent Media Center Jacob Appelbaum’s weblog Katrina: The Mid City Story Nix Bits GulfSails Katrina Feeds Common Ground Katrinaville katrina-flood-depth-estimation-09-03-2005.jpg (JPEG Image, 1991×1559 pixels) A 5th grader’s account of Hurricane Katrina Poignant!

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Poetry in Exile: My friend, neighbor and co-worker Biljana D. Obradovic has started a blog. She’s looking for people from the XU English Department, so if you’re reading this, please get in touch with her. Get Your Act On: Andrea Garland is heading back in to New Orleans. Good luck, Andrea! I wish I could […]

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What we brought with us: three cats documents relating to home and car about three changes of clothes each some food dental floss toothbrushes Xy’s contact lenses meds dope my cheap-ass Panasonic video camera a Nikon Coolpix 990, which belongs to the University The Boat of a Million Years What we didn’t bring but wish […]

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Lots of people have been contacting us over the last few days, via phone, internet, and in person. We appreciate the many offers of help and support. Many people have also been asking us questions, and I haven’t been able to respond personally to every query. But here’s an attempt to answer the most frequently […]

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Everything you need to know about me, you can learn from how I like my iced tea: Luzianne’s my brand. Besides tasting fine, it’s made by Reily Foods Company which is based in New Orleans. I like the idea of supporting the local economy. I nourish the hope that, in a more enlightened future, we’ll […]

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People who take the elevator to go up one floor when stairs are available. Using the elevator to go up two flights of stairs is almost as annoying. For some it’s a matter of physical laziness, but for many it’s more mental laziness. They just don’t think about taking the stairs. They take the elevator […]

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