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A Haphazard List of Possible Future Topics for Pleasure

This is the third installment of three sample documents dredged up from my old Brother WP-500 disks. I really have no idea what this is. Perhaps it had something to do with the Have Fun Club? That would place it circa 1992. I have no recollection of typing it, which is what makes rediscovering it so fun. This was written when I lived in Bloomington, Indiana, of course, but it’s kind of cool to note the New Orleans reference at item #3.


  1. smelling old books
  2. approaching Bloomington as a tourist
  3. enjoying graveyards in New Orleans
  4. graveyard picnics
  5. visiting the laundromat
  6. doing something that you just don’t know how to do
  7. ice skating
  8. rising early
  9. staying up all night
  10. naps
  11. cooking
  12. swimming in the winter
  13. going to the mall
  14. improvisational music/comedy
  15. brainstorming
  16. answering machine messages
  17. funny names
  18. riding the bus
  19. obeying the speed limit
  20. tailgating
  21. cleaning is fun if you know how
  22. reading “women’s” magazines
  23. participant/observer activities
  24. going to church
  25. dawn
  26. browsing at the library
  27. rediscovering the lost art of conversation
  28. getting into other people’s heads
  29. snooping in your friend’s house
  30. voyeurism
  31. dressing funny
  32. verbal games
  33. joys of excrement
  34. destruction
  35. visiting the junkyard
  36. memory
  37. fun with Robitussin DM
  38. hypothesizing about the future
  39. dreams
  40. masturbation
  41. group gargling
  42. pranks
  43. frightening IU tour groups
  44. making noise
  45. pain
  46. really gross things that taste good
  47. writing letters
  48. keeping a journal
  49. rearranging furniture
  50. building a sheet fort
  51. the dialectical waltz
  52. games at the grocery
  53. skinnydipping
  54. purification rituals
  55. visiting neighboring towns
  56. basic principles of pleasure
  57. flowers
  58. tempting fate
  59. removing watch
  60. getting rid of possessions
  61. going to work
  62. speaking your mind
  63. saving money
  64. walking
  65. introducing yourself to complete strangers
  66. slang
  67. making fun of Bobby Knight, George Bush and others
  68. going to see a sporting event
  69. student recitals
  70. live music
  71. testdriving for kicks
  72. meeting your neighbors
  73. observing fractals in nature
  74. cellular automata
  75. getting caught in traffic
  76. things that don’t normally seem pleasurable
  77. falling off of tall buildings
  78. getting arrested
  79. being insulted by middleschoolers
  80. climbing on roofs
  81. scoping the opposite sex
  82. unusual foods
  83. reading other people’s mail
  84. prowling about by night
  85. keeping secrets
  86. illicit love
  87. starting rumors
  88. doing evil
  89. cognitive therapy
  90. the problem of paranoia
  91. death
  92. the dark side
  93. impersonating presidents
  94. spiritual quests
  95. suspending judgment
  96. being slightly inebriated at a formal occasion
  97. bouncing on the bed
  98. playdoh
  99. behind the stripmalls
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