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Just met with Roland Graybill, the adjuster for our flood claim, a lean, long-haired Southern dude. Affable. He took some measurements and some photos and some notes.

I learned that the insurance will not be “paying limits” as previously intimated. Instead we’ll get some lesser amount which Mr. Graybill seemed to think would be enough for us to fix things up. “You don’t want to be paid the limit.” He said that if the payout was equal to 50% or more of the value of the house, it would have to be elevated to above the floodplain — implying that our reimbursement will be for less than 50% of the limit.

Regarding the contents of the house, he said we could provide a lump sum for each room and then a list of some of the stuff in that room. “They’re letting us get away with murder.”

Thursday morning I meet with our other adjuster — the one who will be handling our claim for other storm-related damage, covered by homeowners (rather than flood) insurance.

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  1. Tim and Sue Tim and Sue


    Hang in there. We are thinking about you and wish you well. Looking forward to your safe return to Bloomington so that we can have a beer.


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