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Just got a call from Mr. McCann, the adjuster for our homeowner’s policy. I call him “the wind guy” because he’s covering the damage to our home caused by Katrina’s winds. Flood is covered under a separate policy with a separate adjuster.

Anyway, the wind guy says we’ll be getting $8,688 plus tax and some extras — basically just short of $9,000 — for the damage to our roof, ceilings and floor. We have a big hole in our roof where Katrina ripped out an exhaust fan, which led to rain getting into the house. The wind guy estimated we’ll have to replace the wood floor for the entire length of our 67′ hallway, or we’ll “never get it to match.” Obviously the fan itself needs to be replaced as well, plus miscellaneous damage to the roof and ceilings needs to be repaired.

Also $1,200 for our refrigerator, the one upstairs which didn’t get flooded but sat for a month in 90º heat with a freezer full of salmon and bratwurst.

Also $2,500 for our additional living expenses during the mandatory evacuation, including the multiple trips back and forth.

So, all told, about $12,700. That seems like a lot of money to me, but actually this should be the smallest chunk of our settlement.

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  1. Scott Scott

    I’ve heard one insurance adjuster tell claimants that the refrigerator was NOT covered because it wasn’t damaged by the storm.

    It was damaged because the claimant failed to clean out the refrigerator before they left town. (!!) The homeowner failed to “mitigate” their damages.

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