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The Wind Guy

We’re dealing with two insurance adjusters — one for flood damage, and one for wind damage. It’s not the most convenient arrangement, but I’m not complaining. At least our insurance company (Fidelity) has been fairly responsive. Some friends have been unable to contact anyone even after calling their insurance company every day for a month.

Plus, talking to two adjusters means you get two perspectives, two sources of information.

I just met with our wind guy, John McCann. He seemed very knowledgeable and competent, and had a deep soothing voice. He took some measurements and some photos and some notes. We’ve got some roof damage, including a big hole where the attic fan used to be. That’s led to some water damage to some ceilings and even the floor in one place. I suppose if our house hadn’t flooded I’d think this was a big deal, but as it stands this seems like small-time stuff.

He indicated we can get an advance on our flood settlement, to get started on repairs, something which the flood guy didn’t mention. He even gave me a form to make the request, though I’ll have to submit it to the flood guy.

He also said we should submit a list of living expenses, some of which may be covered by homeowner’s insurance. That includes any rent during the period when New Orleans was under mandatory evacuation, but only 14 days beyond that, because our house is technically “habitable.” Even without electricity, even when the water was not deemed potable, still we could live there on the upper level, or so the logic of the insurer goes.

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  1. Seems like you have been a fairly lucky couple after seeing thousands of angry, broke, uninsured, and homeless people on tv. Now that the insurance companies are having to pay for this — or better yet, everyone is getting back what they’ve sunk into insurance for eons, I wonder if rates are now due to (once again) go up for not only New Orleans but the whole friggin’ country?

  2. pj pj

    Rates were already pretty high in NO for auto and home, I can;t imagine how much more difficult it would be to get homeowners insurance. When I was calling to get quotes, they were running background and credit checks, and this is after being pre-approved for the mortgage.

    And auto was five times what I was paying in Indiana.

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