A familiar blue car pulled up across the street from our house this afternoon, and I was overjoyed when Danielle and Donika and Crystal and Licia and Geraldine got out — our neighbors from across the street. I gave them all a hug and handed out N95 masks to protect them from the mold in their house. Turns out they evacuated on the Sunday before the storm, about five hours after we did, and they’re staying in Opelousas.

Then David and I climbed up on my roof and put a couple tarps on the damaged areas. I’ve never been on our roof before. It’s high and steep and mildly terrifying, but we did it. Thanks, David.

While we were up there, I heard Geraldine screaming at one of the girls, and it made me smile. The old neighborhood seemed to be back for a moment. But when we came back down they were gone.

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