Here’s two sets of a dozen pictures each. For maximum enjoyment, view each slideshow in fullscreen mode. (A button will appear in the lower right corner after you click play.) The first batch is over 40 years old, the second batch was collected (from our refrigerator) over the last three months, but both were scanned […]

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I remember when I first encountered the web in 1995. My immediate response was, “I wanna upload my life.” That fundamental motivation continues to drive this blog along. But I still have a lot of catching up to do. To that end, I’ve recently uploaded 70 or so photos and photocopies from 1990. That was […]

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Some of my neighbors have been bickering, er, I mean debating about Comiskey Park here in Mid-City. The basketball goals that used to be there were taken down when an television production company made plans to rebuild the park for a reality show. That didn’t pan out in the long run, and the park was […]

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Three years ago, I became aware of a collaborative poster project which made use of a couple of photographs I’d published under a Creative Commons license. According to the krazy genius who put it all together: This mosaic was made from 2500 individual photographs of circles, photographed by 542 talented individuals. The mosaic was constructed […]

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I started taking digital pictures with increasing frequency after moving to New Orleans in 1999. But I didn’t start using Flickr in earnest until sometime in 2004. So now I am bridging that gap. Over the last month or so, in what is laughingly referred to as my “free time,” I’ve managed to excavate 260 […]

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Last week I posted about how Flickr should make sharing photos easier. (Actually I first started bellyaching about this last October.) I just wanted to point out that (as of yesterday) they seem to have taken my advice. I’m so pleased I’m not even going to bill them for a consulting fee. Thanks to the […]

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