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Bridging the Gap

I started taking digital pictures with increasing frequency after moving to New Orleans in 1999. But I didn’t start using Flickr in earnest until sometime in 2004.

So now I am bridging that gap. Over the last month or so, in what is laughingly referred to as my “free time,” I’ve managed to excavate 260 photos from the depths of my hard drive, covering the time from July 15, 1999 to December 31, 2001. I’ve uploaded them to Flickr as part of a set I call Less Old Stuff (in contrast to Really Old Stuff).

This grouping encompasses a number of other photo clusters, such as the aforementioned Day 991016, Thanx00, Xmas00, Carnival01, and Day 011027. There’s also the painfully artsy Dead Gas Station, the experimental Lunar Variations, the amusing-only-to-me Sliptych and a set documenting the local Greens moving in to an office in Gert Town. And who could forget 2001 The Space Odyssey?

Here are a few of my personal favorites to whet your appetite:

Face Collage 3

St. Clare of Phosphor


Malik Rahim Skyline

Fat Suit



Now if you’re ready for more fun, check out Less Old Stuff.

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