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Geeky Post About Flickr

Yesterday I learned from Karen G that Flickr is now hosting video. Of course they’ve provided a nice “embed” feature just like you’d expect, so you can grab an HTML snippet to paste the video into your blog or webpage. That’s dandy. But what really chaps my ass is: Why can’t they provide the same HTML snippet embedding convenience for images, which are Flickr’s bread and butter? I mean, I publish my pix under a Creative Commons license because I want people to use them. (And, strangely enough, they do.) Why not make it as easy to embed images as it is to embed video?

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  1. Yes yes, but I’m talking about letting other people use my images. Flickr should make that HTML snippet available to other people besides me!

  2. Are you talking about something else besides the “blog” button? Because that’s pretty damn easy and I use it all the time. You can use Blog instead of Embed for videos, too.

  3. Yeah, Rachel,the blog button is great for what it is, but it has limitations. you have to have a Flickr account, you have to be logged in, you can only do one photo per post, you don’t have complete control over formatting, and — the big one — it only works with blogs, and only some blog platforms at that.

    The “embed” function exposes the code and surpasses all these limitations. They should offer it for photos too, not just video.

  4. Embed gives you a quick and easy way to grab the full link to the video with a link to the page, like how Vimeo and YouTube do it. For images, even if you choose the various size (if you’re given that option) you want, you still have to do a right-click and open the image in a new tab or window, then copy that address. For Blog option, it’s still a pain as you post within Flickr, then you’d have to go into your account and grab the code.

    …I think this is what Bart’s geekin out on.

  5. Oh, right. I forget that you have to have an account to use it, too.

    I’ve been making some videos the past couple of days…damn, I forgot how tedious videomaking was!!

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