A photo I took in 2005 was recently used to spur a collaborative writing assignment. I have no idea where the class was even located. I only found this through Flickr’s referrer logs. The students used EtherPad to collaborate, allowing me to see the final product. Here are their instructions. As a group pick one […]

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So, I was listening to Kenny G’s Intelligent Design show on WFMU yesterday, and he starts playing a piece by Steve McLaughlin called “Run for Your Life.” The piece consists of all of the Beatles albums, from Please Please Me to Let It Be, played at eight times normal speed. The whole thing is just […]

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Last night I had one of those intricate, mind-blowing dreams that seems to go on forever in vivid detail, complete with dreams within the dream. I couldn’t begin to recount the whole thing, which has faded from my memory anyhow, but there’s one compact vignette that was particularly striking. I was lying on our couch […]

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We went to see the Edgeweed High School production of Rebel Without a Cause. Xy’s godmother, Sally, is the drama coach there. A weird thing about that theater is how high the stage is. Or maybe the seats are low. You can’t quite see over the lip of the stage, so the actors’ feet are […]

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I had a strange dream last night. I don’t remember too many details, but an artificial intelligence figured prominently. In form it appeared as a great, golden, glassy globe, encompassed by a hollow disk, so that it loooked something like a ringed planet. It may have been extraterrestial in origin. I spoke to it at […]

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