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The Voskhod Experiment

Here is some random audio mess I mixed up lately.

  1. Voskhod [26:15]
  2. Proton [25:53]
  3. Cosmos [26:35]
  4. Soyuz [27:58]

All files are in MP3 format;
each clocks in at just under half an hour
and just around 50 MB.

Actually it’s not entirely random. There is a method at work here.

How best to describe this stuff? They might be called mashups or remixes. If I had a two hour slot on a freeform station like WTUL, WFMU or WFHB, this is what I imagine it would sound like.

These programmes are constructed entirely from the works of other musical artists. I believe I’ve created something that might be heard as either new work or derivative work. Either way I think these programmes are technically illegal. I did not get permissions or licenses from any of the artists whose works I used. In my imaginary radio show I’d come in between sets and give credits, but I’m not doing so here because that just seems like asking for trouble. (In the off chance that someone actually hears their own work sampled here, I can only hope you like it.)

Each piece is constructed according to a slightly different formula, with Soyuz being the biggest deviation from the norm. In fact I think I might prefer this alternate version, Soyuz [Second Variation], but I go back and forth. I’m still developing the technique.

Enjoy? I guess the real question is, can I do anything with this stuff besides just posting it to my blog?

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  1. Tony Tony

    abstract intro leading into rock-opera like rendition of stairway to heaven followed by some old country tune followed by something like killing joke blending into some ben harper sounding unplugged ballad segueing into a mishmash of instrumentals fading into a dead or alive tune transitioning into some polka tune……genius! and yet there is more!

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