Dionysus by Dead Can Dance Lamentations by Half Pagan Magnets by Motorhome Persephone by Wendy Rule (technically not scheduled for release till February 2019, but I got an advance copy!) The Sound of Music by Laibach Struggle with Glory by Harry James Angus Trench by Twenty One Pilots And of course, let’s not forget The […]

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The vernal equinox approaches. Time to step into the light! SECULAR SPIRITUALITY: Author Bart Everson will participate in a discussion with the theme “Can we derive a secular spirituality from the seasons?” from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 17, at the Jefferson Parish Library, 4747 W. Napoleon Ave., Metairie. The discussion will be moderated […]

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There’s a postcard show at Skewer Gallery (located inside Kebab at 2315 St. Claude) which opens this Saturday, 9 September 2017. My daughter and I will have several postcards on display. (Mine all have an autumnal equinox theme.) All postcard art will be on sale for $5 with proceeds going to support L’eau Est La […]

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I recently made a trip to Indiana, as is my wont in the summertime. While I’m up there I always try to stir up some trouble. Some of my attempts are more successful than others. International Flag-Burning Day was a bust, for example. But there is evidence that some of my other provocations were more […]

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Everyone says it was a terrible year, and maybe it was, but here’s some proof it wasn’t all bad. Gratitude to the artists who put so much heart and soul into this beautiful music. 2016 from editor_b on 8tracks Radio.

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There’s so much good music coming out these days it’s stunning. Don’t believe me? Give this a listen. It was almost painful putting this mix together because I left so much out, but what’s left just feels absolutely essential to me. Further more I’d wager that you haven’t heard of virtually any of these artists. […]

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I’ve just published my second album on Bandcamp. It’s called “A vs B” and it’s available free. A vs B by Editor B It has to be free, I think, because I didn’t generate any of the source material myself. I used audio from diverse sources to create something new. Most of these mashups are […]

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