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Editor B’s Morning Ride to Work

Friends, I’ve got a new podcast rolling. Literally.

It’s called Editor B’s Morning Ride to Work, and the concept is simple. I record a short segment as I ride my bike to work each morning. Each episode is five minutes or less. Just a little audio window into my world.

Subscribe via one of the major providers using the buttons below, or tune in directly on my Anchor station.

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Déjà vu?

Veteran followers of this blog will recall that I tried something like this nine years ago. (Egad. Nine years?) The technical problems have been surmounted at last. As to the “general lack of interesting content,” well, that’s the challenge. That’s the draw. Tune in to see if I can pull it off, or if I wipe out. (Hopefully not literally.)

Then again, I’m more comfortable with silence than I was the first time round. Sometimes I get tired of this “chittering chattering blithering blathering bubbling babbling mind-boggling bullshit they call the Information Age.” Maybe I’ll just keep my mouth shut sometimes and listen to the sounds rushing past me. That sounds refreshing.

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  1. Thanks for asking, Dan. Just now I think the answer is (unfortunately) “no.” Anchor seems to pride itself on simplicity and ease of use, to the point where nutsy-boltsy things like RSS feeds are hidden away. Looks like they only just started supporting podcasts on the Apple and Google platforms this summer. According to this article, “In the future, Anchor plans to let podcast creators access their show’s RSS feed, too, which will let them get distributed pretty much everywhere else.” But I don’t think that day has arrived yet.

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