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I’m super pumped to announce that I’m having my first solo exhibition.

Pump Up

Nope, this photo won’t be part of it. It didn’t quite meet my exacting standards of quality. However several other photos from the same site and other locations in Louisiana and Indiana will be featured. Come on down to the Lower Nine and take a gander. It’s at the Martin Luther King Library, 1611 Caffin Ave., and it’ll be up for the entire month of December.

The name of the show is After the Peak, and it’s a fantasy about post-oil America. Every schoolchild knows that fossil fuels are not renewable resources. Someday, we will run out. The question is when. Some say we’ve already passed the peak of production, while others say we haven’t reached it yet. Currently our species seems hellbent on extracting all the petrochemical deposits from the Earth’s crust as quickly as possible. That only hastens our approach to depletion. As I photographed abandoned gas stations and automobile dealerships, I imagined a future when all such sites are neglected and left to fall into ruin.

Come join me for the opening reception on the 7th of December, 6-8pm. More details on PhotoNOLA.

The artist (that’s me) would like to thank ~

David Bryan
Tony Limjuco
Muffin Bernstein
Mary Abler
New Orleans Public Library
Michael Paxson
Christy Paxson
Persephone Everpax
Mark Gstohl
Ron Bechet
MaPó Kinnord
Xavier University Art Department
Dominique Moody.

Post-scriptum: All the photos in the show, and more, can be found in the After the Peak album on Flickr.

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