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Saved by the Bra

We went to see the Edgeweed High School production of Rebel Without a Cause. Xy’s godmother, Sally, is the drama coach there.

A weird thing about that theater is how high the stage is. Or maybe the seats are low. You can’t quite see over the lip of the stage, so the actors’ feet are invisible.

It wasn’t half bad for a high school production, but I confess I’ve never quite gotten the appeal of Rebel. It seems somewhat random and superficial.

But the most entertaining part of the evening came later, at an after-party at Sally’s house. Her sister from Atlanta was there, and she recounted a story from 1978. Seems she was a cop and was serving a warrant to an accused child molester. The guy pulled a gun and shot her in the chest, pretty much point-blank. (He immediately had his head blown off by her partner.) She went to the hospital, of course. Turns out the bullet lodged in her liver, where it resides to this day. It was deflected from her heart by her underwire bra. Her bra saved her life!

But as if that wasn’t weird enough, while in the hospital she discovers that she’s pregnant.

Her son is now 27 years old.

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