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Tornado Warning

The air raid sirens woke us up and alerted us to the fact that Monroe County is under a tornado warning. A fine how-do-you do at 3:30 in the morning.

This house has no basement. The only room without windows is the bathroom. I guess we could hunker down in the bathtub, but I tend to be more fatalistic about tornados. I think we’ll just go back to sleep.

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  1. So as it turned out, Bloomington escaped significant tornado damage. There were a few branches in our yard this morning.

    Turn on the TV and come to learn that a bunch of people (and some horses) were killed in Evansville, Indiana, and over a hundred hospitalized.

  2. Rob Rob

    Yep, hearing the sirens was spooky. We’ve had at least one tornado warning each year we’ve lived here, since ’02. One hit Martinsville that first year, and you can STILL see some tree damage along route 37. Not nearly as extensive as what happened in Evansville, but spooky nonetheless.

  3. ned ned

    i woke up to close an open window, but otherwise i slept through all that.

  4. […] I was going to make a crack about how I came back here from Indiana to get away from such weather, but there’s really nothing funny about this. […]

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