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  1. In the cold light of day I realize this post may seem a little oblique, so I thought I’d flesh in some details after the fact.

    I rode my bike over to Dan Burton’s house Friday night, with a bottle of Old Overholt in my pocket. Actually the bike belongs to Dan. He loaned us a couple bikes after we showed up in Bloomington and I posted a plea to this blog.

    (And no, this is not Dan Burton the politician. This is Dan Burton the rocker of Early Day Miners.)

    I met Dan’s wife, Jackie, and a few other friends, and we had a few cocktails, including some Sazeracs mixed with the Old Overholt. I can testify that, indeed, Mr. Burton has perfected the art.

    Then some of us went to Second Story (Dan and I rode bikes) to see The Coke Dares. The band was incredible, and of course we had some more drinks at the bar. It was good to see John “Little Beef” Vitello behind the bar.

    After the show we went to Uncle Elizabeth’s, just in time for last call. It was such a mild evening we actually sat outside drinking beer. Not bad for a November evening in Indiana.

    After getting some pizza slices from a street vendor, we ended up investigating the big new highrise apartment building downtown. It’s got an impressive brick edifice, but sure enough, it looks like a crappy dorm on the inside. There was even a slice of pizza lying on the carpet in one of the corridors. When we toured the parking garage we noted lots of plates from New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Mchigan and Florida… but only two from Indiana.

    On the way back home, I found myself passing a real dorm, the Collins LLC, where I used to live twenty years ago. I stopped by the main quad, stood on the veranda, and wondered why there weren’t any students about.

    Then I checked the time and realized it was a quarter ’til five in the morning.

    So I made my way home, still feeling no pain, but I woke up the next morning without a hangover or any adverse symptoms. Just some fond memories.

    What a great night.

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