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Trinary Synchronicity

For some mysterious reason that I can’t explain, I felt compelled to do a Web search on the word “trinary” this morning, and discovered this recent research which indicates that the human brain computes in trinary, not binary. The story appears to have been published a mere twenty days ago. What are the chances?

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  1. You know, there are basically only 10 types of people in this world — those who know binary and those who don’t.

    Hot Damn! I never thought I’d be able to use that joke.

  2. MF MF

    Would it have been more of a coincidence if the research had been published 21 days ago, because 21 is a multiple of three? Or was that your point, that you read it on the 21st day? Ah, I’m bad at math.

  3. I have been a student of Trinary for more almost 20 years. Have concluded that it may well be the base – fundamental form of all that is. for example two universal basics…Energy and Time are Trinary ( 3 part )…take any one part away and the other two parts cannot be sustained.

    The subject is empowering…consider the relative value of the additive 3rd to a pre-existent 2…fascinating.

    Consider the conservation law of energy and Trinary makes perfect ..universal…sense.


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