If you’re reading this at all, chances are you’re seeing this blog at a new web address. I maintained this blog at b.rox.com for 15 years, since its inception in March of 2004. Back then, I didn’t have any better place to put it. But now I do, and thus the move to blog.barteverson.com. Master […]

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I’ve been playing around with a relatively new music-sharing website called 8tracks. It allows you to create and share playlists legally. Here’s a silly little playlist I uploaded this morning: Using their nifty new Mac app I was able to upload this playlist directly from iTunes. It contains eight songs — one for each day […]

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If you’ve got the skillz, the University is hiring a web developer. I will offer friendly harassment to anyone who takes this job. The Office of Technology Administration at Xavier University of Louisiana is seeking a Web Developer who will be responsible for implementing and maintaining Web and Internet/Intranet applications for the University. The web […]

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So for lunch I’m enjoying some Sunsweet Gold Label Orange Essence Dried Plums, and once again my attention is diverted by some text on the back of the package, just like a couple weeks ago. Only this time, I notice a different blurb: Sunsweet Dried Plums are so nutritious, people send us amazing testimonials! Read […]

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Reading the promotional text on the back of my Sunsweet Gold Label Cherry Essence Dried Plums led me to the Nutrition Density Index. Basically it’s just a big image which looks a lot like the back of the fruit package which led me there in the first place. No new information. It’s one of the […]

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The shrook.com website has been down since July 4th and it’s really chapping my ass. See, my favorite news aggregator, Shrook, uses shrook.com for distributed checking of all the sites I read. Distibuted checking is cool; it appeals to my notions of a good cyber-ecology. Sure, I could run Shrook without using shrook.com, but that […]

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