If you’re reading this at all, chances are you’re seeing this blog at a new web address. I maintained this blog at b.rox.com for 15 years, since its inception in March of 2004. Back then, I didn’t have any better place to put it. But now I do, and thus the move to blog.barteverson.com. Master of my own subdomain! It seems to make more sense here.

In honor of this stupendous occasion, I thought about embedding some music from the infamous Krokus album, Change of Address, but frankly I wouldn’t inflict that on my worst enemy.

Let’s try this live version of “Headhunter” instead.

Surely one of the greatest videos of one of the greatest performances of one of the greatest songs of all time. And you gotta watch it all the way through. You think it’s over, but then it just gets better.

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