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Reading the promotional text on the back of my Sunsweet Gold Label Cherry Essence Dried Plums led me to the Nutrition Density Index. Basically it’s just a big image which looks a lot like the back of the fruit package which led me there in the first place. No new information. It’s one of the lamer attempts at web design I’ve seen in a while, considering it’s a product of a big company like Sunsweet. Why, they’re the “world’s largest handler of dried tree fruits.” Their growers produce a third of the world’s prunes, for the love of God. And they can’t afford a real web page?

What’s more, my browser tells me this page hasn’t been updated since Wednesday, July 28, 2004 9:47:20 AM. Yet it still says “Site under construction, come back soon.” Surely a big company like Sunsweet can get a page up and running in a timely fashion? After all, they’re advertising it on the back of their packaging which ships all over the world.

I note the image file on display is named “tempwebfix.jpg,” but in my estimation six months (almost seven) hardly qualifies as a temporary fix. I mean if it was government or academia I could understand it, but this is Corporate America.

Well, maybe their promotional budget got pruned.

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