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Broken Handlebar

The right handlebar of my bicycle broke off as I was riding across D’Hemecourt on the way home from work yesterday. It broke off right in my hand. I couldn’t believe it. I almost wiped out.

Broken Handlebar

I discovered that it’s damned hard to ride with one hand. Riding is so deeply intuitive it feels instinctive, though of course it’s learned, and you don’t think about it until something throws you off. The missing right handle was profoundly disturbing. So I rode — carefully — to the local bike shop.

Anyway, now I gots a new set of handlebars, extra big size, and I’m back in business.

I tried to get a helmet too, but they didn’t have one that fit my extra-large head. The guy at the bike shop recommended I look for model called the “King Head,” which they don’t carry at the shop. He blew me some noise about how they wouldn’t be available online. Looks like he was wrong about that.

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