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Today I discovered that WordPress version 1.5 had been released upon the world, and I upgraded the b.rox blog with nary a glitch. (Well, maybe one or two. Minor things.) But, damn, so many improvements it makes my head spin. The default template looks so good I hardly felt the need to customize it at all, and it’s definitely better than my crappy homegrown attempt, which I am herewith retiring.

I had a ball making new header images for the new template, which are now on display in random rotation. Some look very nice, and some, um, don’t.

I’m going to test drive the new version for a few days, and if everything seems kosher, I’ll look into upgrading the other blogs hosted on

Kudos to the open source heroes who make this happen.

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  1. Chris Chris

    As a professional web designer, I have to say I’m MUCH more pleased with this layout than the previous one. No offense, but it wasn’t much to look at. This one is quite pleasant.

    Nice job on the headers. The pipe is especially nice.

  2. Chris Chris

    Umm, correction, it isn’t a pipe, it’s the handlebar referenced in the very next post. I always go back to the earliest poet that I haven’t read, so…

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