Version 2.7.1 of WordPress, the software that powers this blog, was released a couple days ago. I’d been looking forward to this release, even though it’s just a minor maintenance deal with no big new features. I was looking forward to it because this is the first release since 2.7, which implemented the ability to […]

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After a week of delays and two whole days wasted on tech support calls, I was finally online. I was ready to write a damning invective criticizing Apple and an encomium praising the Computer Shoppe. I pointed my browser to my blog, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a notice: Your account […]

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I’ve taken over webmaster duties for the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization. I’ve been a little skeptical of this organization in the past, but I decided that I should put aside my differences for a time. We need to work together to rebuild our neighborhood and prove our viability to the city. I’ve become a big believer […]

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This information is about seven years old. I put it here just to experiment with the new WordPress “pages” feature. I hope to update it soon! The (Short) Story of My Life I was born just before the Summer of Love, the son of a pure-blooded German-American farm girl and a poor boy from the […]

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Today I discovered that WordPress version 1.5 had been released upon the world, and I upgraded the b.rox blog with nary a glitch. (Well, maybe one or two. Minor things.) But, damn, so many improvements it makes my head spin. The default template looks so good I hardly felt the need to customize it at […]

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