I haven’t posted for a few days because of weird technical problems.

I wasn’t able to login from home over the weekend, so I figured I’d try from the office when I got back to work. But Monday was a wash, with the entire campus cut off from the internet. Today, I was finally able to devote some more attention to the problem, but absolutely couldn’t figure it out. I repaired some database tables and fiddled with a dozen different things to no avail. Tech support even recompiled Apache and MySQL but that didn’t help either.

In the end I moved the data tables to another database and upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (but at a new location in the file structure). I’m not sure which of these made the difference, but something seems to be working. Maybe tomorrow I can even get my old template back in place. For now I’m really quite sick of messing with this.

Just keep repeating: Technology… makes my life… better…

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