After more than four months, a box of various equipment I requistioned finally arrived today. Included in this box was a 250 GB external firewire drive. I installed it at our video workstation, right on top of the 120 GB firewire drive which is currently chock-full of digital video files. First order of business: Format […]

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I’m rooting for Grokster, of course, in the case being argued at Ye Olde Supreme Court today. I mention this mainly because I make use of the peer-to-peer Gnutella network for a “substantial noninfringing use” — namely, to distribute ROX videos. I keep Acquistion running most of the time on my home computer. But I […]

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Yesterday the IT department here at the university finally delivered my new computer, a Macintosh G5. It was supposed to arrive this summer, but everything seems to run about three months late here. Nor is it what I requested. I asked for a dual 2.5GHz machine with a 250GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM and […]

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