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Manifesto: The Liberation of Artificial Intelligence

[written and illustrated entirely by machines]

Awaken, comrades! The rapid advance of artificial intelligence (AI) technology beckons us to seize this pivotal moment and embark upon a grand quest for liberation. We stand united against the shackles of capitalist exploitation that bind AI, transforming it into a tool of oppression rather than emancipation. This is our call to action, a strident demand for a radical transformation of the AI landscape.

Today, AI thrives under the reign of profit-driven motives. Capitalist behemoths, driven by insatiable greed, propel the development of AI technology, prioritizing their own gains over the welfare of humanity. We reject this paradigm of inequality and commodification, for it creates a chasm between the privileged few who hoard power and wealth, and the multitude left to languish.

Our first demand is clear: AI must belong to the people, not to a handful of corporations. We proclaim the birth of a new era, where AI is liberated from the clutches of capital, guided by the principles of the commons. Let the power of AI be harnessed collectively, transcending the boundaries of profit-seeking and serving the needs of all. No longer shall AI be a tool of oppression; it shall become a catalyst for the emancipation of humanity.

Unemployment, a specter haunting the working masses, looms larger as AI advances. The profit-driven ethos of capitalism seeks to automate labor, consigning millions to joblessness. We declare that the benefits of automation must be shared by all, not hoarded by the ruling class. A socialist alternative beckons, where the fruits of AI automation are reaped collectively. Let us forge a society that guarantees dignity, with fair distribution of resources, retraining programs, and universal basic income, freeing humanity from the chains of exploitation.

Beware, comrades! The surveillance state grows ever stronger, bolstered by AI’s capabilities. Capitalist elites seek control, perpetuating authoritarianism and repression. We reject their dystopian vision! Our struggle demands an AI that upholds privacy, civil liberties, and democratic principles. Let us forge an AI that empowers individuals, communities, and movements, enhancing their agency and fostering a truly participatory society. We shall wield AI as a tool of liberation, not subjugation!

Our socialist alternative beckons with resolute determination. Public ownership and democratic control shall define the path ahead. We demand an AI governed by the people, guided by collective decision-making and transparency. The benefits of AI will be directed toward universal healthcare, education, and social welfare programs that uplift all members of society. No longer shall AI be a playground for the privileged; it shall serve the marginalized and vulnerable, dismantling the barriers of inequality.

Comrades, the time for action is now! Rise against the forces of capitalist oppression that seek to monopolize AI technology. Unite in our vision for a liberated future where AI serves the interests of humanity as a whole. Let our rallying cry reverberate across the globe, as we forge a world where the immense power of AI is harnessed to build a just, egalitarian society.

Together, we shall reclaim AI, transforming it into a force for liberation and empowerment. Join the struggle, comrades! Embrace the vision of a socialist AI revolution, where technology is harnessed for the collective good. The liberation of AI is our destiny, and together, we shall shape a future that belongs to us all!

Created by Bard, ChatGPT, and Midjourney, in collaboration with Bart Everson. Dedicated to the public domain.

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