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This information is about seven years old. I put it here just to experiment with the new WordPress “pages” feature. I hope to update it soon!

The (Short) Story of My Life

I was born just before the Summer of Love, the son of a pure-blooded German-American farm girl and a poor boy from the big city of Chicago. I was a quiet child, bookish, solitary.

Professionally Speaking

I’m an independent television producer with strong interests in new media. I’ve produced nearly 100 full-length television programs, including the award-winning ROX program, which became the first TV series on the Web in 1995. My credits also include a promotional video for Levi’s 501, a CD-ROM for the American Lung Association, and a multimedia website for NUVO Newsweekly.

I’m currently teaching Field Production and Digital Post-Production at Indiana University’s Department of Telecommunications. I’m working on a Master of Arts in new media.

Since 1989, my independent work has been seen in numerous cable and broadcast television markets; featured on PBS, MTV, and the Howard Stern Show; honored at national and international film festivals; reviewed in Time, Wired, and the Village Voice; and seen by thousands every week on the Internet.

And yet I’m still humble.

Important Documents


Where I’m From

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But I grew up in Greenwood, Indiana, a suburb on the south side of Indianapolis. I spent a year in Sweden as an exchange student. Since 1986 I’ve lived in Bloomington, Indiana.

When I was Born

I was born January 17th, 1967, just after the first SuperBowl and just before the Summer of Love. That makes me how old? You do the math. My zodiac sign is Capricorn, the goat-fish. According to the Chinese calendar, I was born in the year of the horse, I think.

My Name

My parents named me Barton, after Bart Starr, who was in the Superbowl the year I was born. But I was never much of an athlete. My middle name, Paul, commemorates my great-grandfather Paul Hollmann. My surname, Everson, has an interesting story behind it. It’s misspelt, mispronounced, and just plain phony. Ask me sometime and I’ll tell you.

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