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Red Beans & Tags

I just discovered the Technorati Tags page, and I was tickled to see that a picture I just posted on Flickr was displayed at the top of the Food page (but not for long). It is, however, the sole content listed for the tag.

Red Beans & Rice

Oh, and in case this picture makes you hungry, here’s the recipe:

Soak the beans overnight
Bring to a boil
Brown sausage and salt pork, then add ’em to the beans
Sauté celery, bell pepper and onion, add to beans
Season with salt, pepper, bay leaf, etc.
Simmer for two hours or longer
Serve over rice


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One Comment

  1. lemming lemming

    Wasn’t hungry, but I am now!

    Thanks for the link – I am honored to have a star of a TV show give me such a plug!

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