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So for lunch I’m enjoying some Sunsweet Gold Label Orange Essence Dried Plums, and once again my attention is diverted by some text on the back of the package, just like a couple weeks ago. Only this time, I notice a different blurb:

Sunsweet Dried Plums are so nutritious, people send us amazing testimonials! Read these remarkable accounts at

So I visit the website. If simplicity is a virtue, than this site is a paragon. It features the Sunsweet logo, and the text:

This site is under construction.

That is all. No amazing testimonials, no remarkable accounts, nothing. There’s not even a link to the Sunsweet corporate homepage.

The page was has been “under construction” for over seven months — since Thursday, July 29, 2004 4:00:36 PM, to be exact.

I suppose that is kind of amazing.

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  1. Will there really be testimonials about how nutritious the raisins are? Hard to believe that would create enthusiasm.

    Nice site. It reminds me that I need to rebuild my wordpress template for comments.

  2. Allen Allen

    Funny to see you found the same thing I just did when surfing based on the links on the back of the package I just purchased 3/10/05. 🙂

    Another interesting/related link:

    Funny, if you click on “Plum Good Story” ( You can find the following wording:

    –from website–
    Dried Plum Definition

    Word History:
    Plum comes from Latin a prunum, a “plum.” Prunum was borrowed into the Germanic languages at a very early date, before the Anglos and Saxons settled in Britain. The Old English form was plume, which became plum in Modern English.

    Thus, these orchards produce fruit with maximum flavor, ideal fruit size, fine texture, high sugar content, and smooth small pits – all characteristics inherent in high quality dried plums.

    Source: Webster’s II New Riverside University Dictionary — Copyright 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
    — from website —

    Now, is it just me, or does it seem like somewhere between the definition and the word “Thus, ” there’s something missing?? I mean, how does the word-history relate to making fruit with maximum flavor??

    :^) Perhaps the act of drying plums causes you to 1) get no work done on web-page design, or 2) have fleeting and hard to control mental processes that causes disconnected wording and (1). :^)

    Oh well!

  3. Jennifer Jennifer

    My name is Jennifer and my package of Sunsweet prunes expires Jan 2006. I also failed to find the prune testimonials and felt there was no where else to turn until I found some solace in this site-

    watch for the revolving grandma on the bottle.

  4. N. D. N. D.

    Thanks, Jennifer. I find solace in that site as well.

  5. There Up!! Whipdey Do! And what insight . . . “Thank you for you prunes, they make a great snack when I’m watching TV.” Do people really have the time to write companies about prunes? Do I have the time to even write this? And that’s exactly what I’m doing!

  6. What great engineering to create a stand-up package and one that is easily opened. Until you reach advanced age you have no idea how difficult it is for some of us to get our packages and boxes open. And the contents (Gold Label Dried Prunes) are so delicious! Many thanks.

  7. I am searching for an 800 number for Sunsweet Prune Juice. Their product
    with pulp has not been available for sometime now, and no one ha

  8. has an answer, why, if, or when it may again be available. all I really need
    is how to obtain the product.

  9. Sunsweet orange essence prunes are okay, but whatever happened to lemon essence plums? It’s been at least a year since we’ve been able to find any at Boise area stores and other various stops in the Pacific NW. Stores checked include Winco, Safeway, Albertson, Walmart, and a host of smaller chains.

  10. I have eaten orange essence prunes for years and love them! I do not like the other flavors. The last package I bought was regular prunes, not the orange essence prunes!!!! I was extremely put out about your company’s error on this since I do not like the regular prunes. I feel like I should be given a coupon for a free package to replace this one that was not labeled correctly.

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