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Job Opportunity

If you’ve got the skillz, the University is hiring a web developer. I will offer friendly harassment to anyone who takes this job.

The Office of Technology Administration at Xavier University of Louisiana is seeking a Web Developer who will be responsible for implementing and maintaining Web and Internet/Intranet applications for the University. The web developer’s responsibilities include analyzing users’ requirements and coordinating the development of Web and Internet/Intranet applications to solve these requirements. The web developer will assist users in using web software and will work with the DBA in identifying and resolving access issues.

Applicants for this position must hold a BA or BS degree (as a minimum) in a technology related area. An advanced degree is highly desirable. In addition, applicants should have at least three (3) years of experience as a web developer. Applicants must have excellent communication (written and verbal) skills and strong project management skills. Applicants should be highly motivated individuals with the capacity to organize and perform their assigned tasks with minimum supervision. Applicants must also have demonstrated an ability to function well in a team environment; must be self-motivated and willing to keep abreast of new tools and technology that would enhance productivity and effectiveness on the campus. Applicants must have expertise and knowledge of SQL, HTML, JAVA, XML, ASP.Net, DreamWeaver, FLASH, Fireworks, and FrontPage.

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  1. leslie leslie

    Speaking of job opportunities – on 99.5 this morning the host suggested that you would be a great choice to replace Oliver Thomas on the City Council for the three month period leading up to the election. He further stated that you made the most moving speech on the steps of City Hall during the recent rally/march.

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