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Inexplicable Benediction

This morning as I rode to work, just as I approached the overpass, I saw a man who was pushing a wheelchair near the bike path. He wasn’t sitting in the wheelchair, he was pushing it along, with a pile of some clothes or other stuff on the seat. But as I passed near him he had stopped pushing and had lifted both arms in the air. He was saying something. As I passed I heard a few words, a snippet only, a brief fragment: “…everyone, this man on the bike, everyone…”

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  1. Grampa Ray Grampa Ray

    Thanks a lot Bart, for pretending you didn’t know me this morning. I’ve become a homeless man doomed to wonder endlessly in the deep south of out great country. If you had listened just a moment more you would have heard me say: “Everyone, this man on the bike, everyone, HE’S MY SON, and he doesn’t know me”.

  2. Grampa Ray Grampa Ray

    BTW that would be wander, not wonder. But, then, wonder might fit too.

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