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Last night I had one of those intricate, mind-blowing dreams that seems to go on forever in vivid detail, complete with dreams within the dream. I couldn’t begin to recount the whole thing, which has faded from my memory anyhow, but there’s one compact vignette that was particularly striking. I was lying on our couch looking at a large mirror on the coffee table. Somehow I broke off one edge of the mirror. It lost its reflectivity, becoming clear like glass. Then it turned soft like Saran Wrap, and it covered my mouth and smothered me.

Shards of Mirror

Then I woke up — in the dream. Later, at a party (but still in the dream), I recounted this dream sequence to a woman and she gasped. Later, in what appears to be the so-called “waking world,” I recounted the dream of the mirror to Xy, and she gasped in the same way as the woman at the party. I think I’m awake now, but who knows?

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  1. Ned Ned

    I blame the Vodou.

  2. are you sure that saran wrap wasn’t from that special brownie you ate before you fell asleep? 🙂 That is a freaky deaky dream, man….the mirror losing it’s reflectivity…wow.

  3. Sounds like the plot of an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

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