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Nader Again?

It seems Ralph Nader is contemplating another run for the White House. I remember when he sought the Green Party’s endorsement in 2004. (He didn’t get it, by the way. I should know, because I was there.) Anyway, back in 2004 his supporters pitched his candidacy as “one last run.” I guess it’s hard to stay on the sidelines when the country is going down the toilet, but Bloomberg seems to be the independent to watch.

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  1. Why doesn’t Nader do something useful and endorse Obama or cultivate an heir with political potential?

    I’m tired of his endless vanity campaigns.

  2. Bloomberg? Do you remember him in 2004 at the Republican Convention throwing all he had behind Bush and his war in Iraq?

    I would gladly take Obama over Bloomberg or Nader …

  3. Oh, when I say Bloomberg bears watching, I mean he might actually have an impact. I certainly don’t find him to be an attractive candidate.

  4. Frank S Frank S

    Bloomberg’s only major impact on the campaign would be to bring a victory to a republican contender by spliting primary vote. It would not surprise me AT ALL to find RNC warchest money and/or Republican PAC funds funneled into his campaign.

  5. Tim Tim

    Run, Ralph, run! I’ve never regretted supporting Nader in 2000, just as I’ve never regretted supporting David Cobb in 2004. I know I voted for honest, passionate people who would lead this nation out of the political quagmire of ‘pubs and ‘crats. One of these days…



  6. Sean P. Clark Sean P. Clark

    Will the Democratic party allow Kucinich or Obama to continue past the primaries in January ’08? Not likely, but we’ll see…

    Bloomberg, if he runs, may make it into the debates, and will hopefully speak to the blatantly unfair ballot access restrictions. I wouldn’t vote for him, but the message needs to be heard and understood, again and again until that problem is resolved.

    Nader’s candidacy really highlighted how tied and ignorant Americans are to our two party system. People really do question a voter’s right & ability to choose, and beyond that are willing to restrict ballot access and prevent presidential debate access (even as a ticket holding audience member). I would gladly cast my last vote for Nader. When he is gone it will be a sad day in American History.

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