We watched 27 movies beginning with the letter L. Most excellent: Life is Beautiful — 1997. Good: The Last Hurrah — 1958. Romanticizes the old-school political boss, which is a bit hard to swallow, but still it’s an excellent film. The Last Samurai — 2003. Very good, but should have been great. The Last Seduction […]

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Damn good: Kon-Tiki — 1950. Short and engrossing little documentary made by Thor Heyerdahl as he sailed across the Pacific on a raft. Middlin’: The Killers — 1946. Beautifully photographed, but the story kind of just lies there. The Killers — 1964. Bonus: See Ronald Reagan bitch-slap a woman. King of Hearts — 1966. Not […]

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Since we decided to forgo Joe Versus the Volcano (Xy had already seen it) there was only one J movie on our list. I thought this was odd. 26 H films, 19 I films, and only one J? We watched it last night: Judgment at Nuremberg. Great performances all around: Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Marlene […]

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There were a lot of movies on my list that start with the letter I, and they seemed to have a couple things in common: lots of fun titles, and lots of really long running times. The best: I, Claudius — 1976. The greatest soap opera ever made. 650 minutes! Pretty good: In the Heat […]

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Our cinematic journey through the alphabet continues. There sure were a lot of H films on my list. 26 to be exact. (Compared to only three films that started with the letter G.) Great: Hearts and Minds — Amazing documentary about the US war on Vietnam. The Hidden Fortress — B&W Kurosawa samauri adventure from […]

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I love the letter F. Many of my favorite words seem to start with this letter: fuck, fornicate, freedom, flesh, fez, fiorde, fiacre, fleer, frusturbate. And it turns out the F films we watched were pretty good too. Top billing: Fail-Safe — This was made at the same time as Dr. Strangelove?!? Fitzcarraldo — Damn, […]

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There were not too many films starting with “E” on my list, so we made short work of this letter. I actively disliked these: The Entertainer The Eagle Has Landed I felt kind of ambivalent about these films: Eating Raoul The Element of Crime They held my interest somewhat, but I couldn’t say I actually […]

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Haven’t been able to watch too many movies lately, but I did finally view the last “D” title on my list. Loved: The Deer Hunter The Dresser The Duellists Liked: The Devil and Daniel Webster Il Decameron The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Drugstore Cowboy Ambivalent: Depeche Mode 101 Dinner For Five Diva Donnie Brasco […]

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Over the last three months Xy & I have watched rented a bunch of DVDs from Netflix. Since I’ve been proceeding through my list in alphabetical order, here’s my take on films starting with the first three letters of the alphabet. Loved: Birdman of Alcatraz Cat on a Hot Tin Roof City of God Liked: […]

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