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J is for Judgment

Since we decided to forgo Joe Versus the Volcano (Xy had already seen it) there was only one J movie on our list. I thought this was odd. 26 H films, 19 I films, and only one J?

We watched it last night: Judgment at Nuremberg. Great performances all around: Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, Max Schell, Richard Widmark, Montgomery Clift. And surely this is the best thing William Shatner’s ever been in. Great cinematography too, especially considering this is essentially a courtroom drama.

It was over three hours long, but gripping, and heavy, and draining. It’s about the trial of four German judges who presided during the Nazi regime, charged with crimes against humanity. Plenty to think about. An amazing film.

Post Scriptum: I found this reflection on how the film was received in Nuremberg itself.

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