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There were not too many films starting with “E” on my list, so we made short work of this letter.

I actively disliked these:

I felt kind of ambivalent about these films:

They held my interest somewhat, but I couldn’t say I actually liked them.

In other words, I didn’t really like any of the E films.

But I’ve got nothing against the letter E. I loved Election. (Who didn’t?) And yes, I loved Eyes Wide Shut, though I’m not sure why. But the best E film of all time was probably Elmer Gantry.

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  1. MF MF

    I really hated The Entertainer too. It gave me a sort of permanent dislike of Laurence Olivier, which I know doesn’t make sense, because he was just playing a character. Usually, I avoid movies he’s in, but coincidentally tonight I watched A Voyage Around My Father, because another one of the teachers here lent it to me. Olivier was in it, and played another really unappealing character, so it’s a funny coincidence that you posted this today.

  2. polly polly

    personally, i adore “Eating Raoul”, the camp, the 70’s visuals. what about Ed Wood, Easy Rider, Everything You Always WAnted To Know About Sex[But Were Afraid To Ask]{not his best, but ya gotta love woody},Escape to Witch Mountain,Eraserhead[ok,skip it , too artsy slow & gross],Elephant Man,Eight and 1/2, and , of course so many movies starting with either”Emmanuelle” or “Ernest”.

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