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Damn good:

  • Kon-Tiki — 1950. Short and engrossing little documentary made by Thor Heyerdahl as he sailed across the Pacific on a raft.


  • The Killers — 1946. Beautifully photographed, but the story kind of just lies there.
  • The Killers — 1964. Bonus: See Ronald Reagan bitch-slap a woman.
  • King of Hearts — 1966. Not a bad film, though I had a hard time with the notion that war is funny, and mental illness is a hoot.


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  1. Mr. Heyerdahl had a theory — now discredited — that Polynesia was populated by the indigenous peoples of South America. To prove the possibility, he built a big raft out of balsa wood had made the trip himself with a small crew. This was in the 1950s. It was a perilous undertaking; many thought it was impossible and that they would surely die. But they made it. They filmed their journey, and it won an Oscar.

  2. No, that’s a K movie. But I’m not a big Rodgers and Hammerstein fan, and Xy tends to turn her nose up at musicals. I was lucky to get her to watch Gigi.

    But I’ll admit The King and I looks intriguing, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. I’ll add it to our second go-round thru the alphabet.

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