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There were a lot of movies on my list that start with the letter I, and they seemed to have a couple things in common: lots of fun titles, and lots of really long running times.

The best:

  • I, Claudius — 1976. The greatest soap opera ever made. 650 minutes!

Pretty good:

  • In the Heat of the Night — 1967. The performances make this work: Sidney Poitier is compelling as always; Rod Steiger plays a stereotyped slow Southern sherriff but somehow makes it work.
  • The Iceman Cometh — 1973. Wow. This would have been great if not for the washed out color and the muddy audio. 239 minutes.
  • Irma la Douce — 1963. Perfectly ridiculous tale of a pimp and his hooker. I liked it in spite of myself.
  • It Happened Tomorrow — 1944. Both charming and clever.
  • The Invisible Man — 1933. Classic.
  • The Importance of Being Earnest — 2002. Delightfully insubstantial fluff. It was nice to compare this to the version from 1952; a bigger budget and more inventive production made this less stagey and more enjoyable.
  • Ivan the Terrible, Parts I & II — 1945/1958. A visual feast. 183 minutes.

Mixed bag:

  • I Am Curious (Yellow) — 1967. Pretentious but marginally interesting. Noteworthy for being banned in the States. Also, it’s Swedish.
  • Immortal Beloved — 1994. The story of Beethoven’s life is good, but somehow the movie falls a little flat.
  • Invaders from Mars — 1953. Incredibly hokey paranoid fantasy. Kind of fun.
  • It Should Happen to You — 1954. Jack Lemmon’s first film. Fun, but sappy.

Rather disappointing:


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