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We watched 27 movies beginning with the letter L.

Most excellent:


Not bad:

  • Love and Death — 1975. Incredibly silly fun.
  • Love at Large — 1990. Quirky and weirdly compelling.
  • Love Affair — 1939. Sweet, not to mention romantic. This movie was remade several times.
  • Loving — 1970. Starts slow but builds to a good climax.
  • The Last Waltz — 1978. The Band is a wee folksy/country for me, but this is a well-made film. If you like their music, you’ll love this.
  • Lenny — 1974. Worth seeing to get an idea of who Lenny bruce was and why his life mattered.
  • The Life Aquatic — 2004. Similar to The Royal Tenenbaums, but better than The Royal Tenenbaums! Then again, I didn’t like The Royal Tenenbaums, even though everyone else I know loved it. This was just OK. Note to Owen Wilson: People from Kentucky don’t talk like that.
  • The Lady Eve — 1941. Starts off slow but picks up steam eventually. Fun.
  • Laibach: The Videos — 2004. Uneven. Some of the videos are boring, but the better ones are brilliant. First part of the WAT EPK documentary is essential. But the latter part, which amounts to a song-by-song commentary on their album WAT, is less engaging.
  • The Long Good Friday — 1979. British gangster flick.
  • The Long Walk Home — 1990. Important and educational civil rights drama; somewhat stiff, but has some powerful moments.


  • Ladyhawke — 1985. Textbook example of how a bad score (by Allan Parsons) can ruin a decent movie.
  • The Lathe of Heaven — 1980. Great story, marred by dated production, technical troubles with transfer to DVD…
  • Lightning Over Water — 1980. An intriguing experiment which ultimately fails to produce an interesting movie.
  • Look Back in Anger — 1959. Thoroughly unpleasant little story about thoroughly unlikeable characters. Good acting, though.


You may wonder why certain notable movies aren’t here, like L.A. Story or L.A. Confidential or La Dolce Vita or The Last Temptation of Christ or The Last Emperor or The Last Picture Show or Lawrence of Arabia or Lolita or The Long, Hot Summer or Living in Oblivion or Lost in America or Lost in Translation. Well, it’s because I’ve already seen them.

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  1. liz liz

    do you have plans to go thru the alphabet?

  2. Wow! Liz! Long time no hear from. Yes, we’re making our way from A-Z. After Zorba the Greek, I’m going to cancel my Netflix subscription, destroy my DVD player and TV, pluck out my eyeballs, and never watch a movie again.

  3. liz liz

    yes, long time. that’s a frighteningly ambitious list. that you’re already thru L and your eyes haven’t dropped out on their own volition is testament to your well designed anatomy. just curious – can you watch stuff off the list?

  4. We seem to average two movies every three days. Now that Xy’s home for the summer we’re picking up the pace a little.

    As for the list, it’s a work in progress. I’m adding to it constantly. In fact, there were only a 20 or so movies starting with L on my original list, but we ended up watching 27.

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