Whenever something happens to one of our cellphones, it precipitates drama. I guess it’s an unanticipated side-effect of not having a landline. Anyway, Friday was no exception. When T-Mobile confirmed my phone was busted beyond repair, I decided it was time to join Xy on Verizon. By complete coincidence, Friday was the day the Blackberry […]

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Here’s some more webstats for this blog. That September 1st peak is when Gustav made landfall, and it’s been downhill ever since. Apparently I need another hurricane to boost my readership. I’m joking of course. Actually I have been reflecting lately on what I’m doing here. I see this as a primarily selfish enterprise. I […]

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Here’s the top ten referrers to this blog since, um, well whenever it was I installed this new stats package. adrastos.blog-city.com 274 michaelhoman.blogspot.com 185 librarychronicles.blogspot.com 154 righthandthief.blogspot.com 136 tanque.org 98 toulousestreet.wordpress.com 72 google.com/ig 71 mcno.org 66 flickr.com/photos/editor 56 howieluvzus.com 54 Respect!

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I’ve been playing around with a relatively new music-sharing website called 8tracks. It allows you to create and share playlists legally. Here’s a silly little playlist I uploaded this morning: Using their nifty new Mac app I was able to upload this playlist directly from iTunes. It contains eight songs — one for each day […]

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I’d like to start a campaign to recognize July 7th as National ROX Day, because — Well, I think we all know what happened on this day back in 1992. However, modesty forbids me from launching such a campaign myself, just as I had to wait for someone else to write our Wikipedia entry. Any […]

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I recently became aware that people who subscribed to get e-mail updates for this blog are no longer getting them. Something broke when we migrated to our new webhost, and I haven’t had time to fix it. However, I have found a quick fix that’s almost as good, maybe even better. In the unlikely event […]

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Last week I posted about how Flickr should make sharing photos easier. (Actually I first started bellyaching about this last October.) I just wanted to point out that (as of yesterday) they seem to have taken my advice. I’m so pleased I’m not even going to bill them for a consulting fee. Thanks to the […]

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My new iMac arrived Thursday. First impression: Wow, this thing is huge. It’s mostly screen, of course, but at 20″ x 12″ it’s almost twice the size of my old iMac’s screen. I tried using the Migration Assistant to move data from the old iMac to the new one. Unfortunately this worked for Xy’s account […]

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