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Nat’l ROX Day

I’d like to start a campaign to recognize July 7th as National ROX Day, because — Well, I think we all know what happened on this day back in 1992. However, modesty forbids me from launching such a campaign myself, just as I had to wait for someone else to write our Wikipedia entry. Any takers?

In honor of the day, I have re-enabled media downloads on (The pop-up viewer has been working, but downloads have been broken since we migrated months ago, because of changes to the hosting environment; it only took a minor code edit, but I didn’t get around to it until now.) Enjoy, and have a virtual drink on me.

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  1. Lee Lee

    What a painful day in btown that was, so many years ago. The “duo” not couple, of J&B finally perfected a on air coupling that feeds our appetite for curiosity and drinx.

  2. worm worm

    worm here.
    i believe i was present, in a fashion, at the first taping of rox.
    I do recall the “buzz” of excitement happening somewhere downstairs at 711 E cottage grove. bart was not as well known to me, he showed up with Joe, my summer roommate. It was this house, that summer, that shaped my destiny -as it were-i was a freshman & all things weird & new came my way. Who was this weirdo Bart? his weird girlfriend -i could always make her laugh by tapdancing in the kitchen.
    da-da, da-da-da-DAH. 5-6-7-8. she would gawf as i tap tap tapped my way past the overpiling garbage. I think the door to the infamous downstairs was via the kitchen. I remember thinking “what the HELL is that weirdo bart & joe doing down there” Well they were making history! Ta-DAH fame comes so easy to some people- INFAMY as well!
    Congratulations boys!

  3. julesb_town julesb_town

    congrats! I would enjoy a box set of rox…is it possible to get? I fondly remember sitting down w/friends and watching the latest rox. Looking forward to enjoying a potable drink in your honor!

  4. Jules, as you can see here:

    …we don’t have an extensive catalog on DVD yet but we are working at it slowly, slowly. (And by “we” I mean Lee the Magic DVD Guy.) Right now you can only get the very earliest shows on DVD.

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