ACORN just finished up the job at our house around noon today. It’s been three weeks since they started — instead of four days, which in retrospect seems like a silly estimate.


The work was done by a mix of volunteers and employees. We had Unitarians from Ohio, evangelical teenagers from all over, and a guy from Massachusetts who wasn’t a part of any group — just an individual who was ashamed of our government’s handling of the disaster in 2005.

As for the ACORN crew, besides their hard work, I was impressed by their diversity. How often do you see Latinos, Asians, white and black folks working together as a team? Until you see it, you might not realize how rare that is.


I find that photo inspiring. And also this one…

Paint Job

That’s what our house looks like now, more or less. Actually there’s still quite a bit of follow-up work I need to do. I think I know how my weekends will be occupied for the rest of the summer at least.

The whole experience was a little chaotic, sometimes confusing, and just a tad stressful — but I’m not complaining. They got all the lead paint remediation done. That’s the important piece, the work I wouldn’t really trust myself to do. I’ll rest much easier knowing our house is a safer environment for our daughter, and I hope more people will sign up for this program.

If you’re interested in getting your house tested for lead paint, in New Orleans, I’d recommend calling ACORN at 504-943-0044. If you live elsewhere, check — they have offices everywhere. They might have a lead paint program where you live.

  1. “How often do you see Latinos, Asians, white and black folks working together as a team?”

    Back in the 80s, we saw it weekly–on the Cosby Show.

  2. mikesmiley: We just had to pay for primer and paint. That’s nothing to sneeze at, as our costs ran over a couple thousand dollars (we’ve got a big house and I bought top quality paint) but we didn’t pay a dime for labor. There was a bit of confusion about that. We were obligated for 60% of ACORN’s costs, but they deduct our materials expenses first, so in fact we end up owing nothing. A fantastic deal.

  3. Another thumbs up! I like the warmth provided by the clay flower pots. They form nice accents against the cooler colors. I can’t think of a house I’ve seen that looks nicer with terra cotta pottery in front of it.

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